Visit island Sardinia

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Visit beaches in Sardinia
Visit beaches in Sardinia

Sardinia is full of mountains, forests, plains, largely uninhabited areas, rivers, rocky shores and long sandy beaches, the variety of its ecosystems, the island has been described metaphorically as a micro-continent. In modern times many travelers and writers have extolled its beauty, remained untouched at least until the contemporary age, as well as on a landscape that is home to the remains of Nuraghic.
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Visit Sardinia Nuraghi
Visit Sardinia Nuraghes

The dolmen is a type of stone construction of this truncated cone shape with different density on the whole territory of Sardinia. They are unique and representative of the Nuragic Civilization.
They remain are standing about seven (according to some sources eight-nine thousand), scattered throughout the island, about every 3 square kilometers, featuring strongly the Sardinian landscape. It is assumed that in the past the number was higher. As to their function, scientists still have not expressed a unanimous opinion, while most of them believe that they were built in the second millennium BC, since 1800 BC A.C. until 1100.
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Visit the Sardinian culture

Sardinian food, which is the typical cuisine of the island of Sardinia, is varied, characterized by insularity and peasant culture, enriched in history through contributions and influences from contacts and exchanges between different Mediterranean cultures. Varied and diverse, ranging from roasted meats, bread, cheeses, wines, dishes of sea and land, is derived from farming and pastoral, game, fishing and gathering wild plants. It is considered part of the Mediterranean diet, nutritional model proclaimed in 2010 by UNESCO as Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

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